RWO Commandments

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RWO Commandments

Post by saintchrispy on Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:44 am

we do not have many rules but the ones we do abide by have their reasons...
[center]Rule 1- Activity
Activity daily is our biggest requirement; not only does it show you are trying but it show dedication it was the core reason for RWO being founded after the abandonment of SOA
Rule 2 Sportsmanship
Transcends sports in my opinion. This covers pretty much everything, we do not allow trashing for no reason; it is the fastest way to find yourself out of RWO. But also at the end of a hard fought round the respect to go to public chat and say "hell of a round *other alliance* look forward to next round"
Rule 3 Deadweight
We do not carry dead wieght for very long. Our requirements r not difficult, if u find you cannot come on daily or everyother day you cannot b respectful and able to contribute to the alliance be it War points or war tasks then this is not the alliance for you.

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