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Post by saintchrispy on Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:04 am

Hello everyone, I am saintchrispy1 currently RWOs only day 1 member. I was recruited by an alliance called SOA and served with players jd33(founder of RWO) Granfinale(cofounder) WXQ50(cofounder) and p4nzerdivision; until our leader OlRagnorak was deemed to be inactive and we left setting out to be a Top 3 alliance in the Deadzone. But that was 2014; we r now in 2016 and r still thought to b a top 3 alliance.I have seen many player come and go i have seen weapons be nerfed and readjusted and i remember when level cap was 30 and the Sword of Sparta was level 1. RWO has had ups and downs from being first place with 50 members to me and 2 alts and a few donators struggling to just get our war tasks done. We have rules for a reason and a list of what we like to call commandments will follow in the coming days; but for now, here is to the Future. Welcome to RWO. Happy Hunting Very Happy

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